Taos Wynn


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Official Biography for Use:

A Georgia native, Taos Wynn has resided in the 6th District for more than a decade. Growing up in a military family, he spent his early childhood years traveling.  Taos is the proud son and brother of military veterans. After attending Smyrna's Campbell High School for two years in the International Baccalaureate program, Taos then transitioned to Pace Academy where he finished high school. Afterwards, Taos would go on to earn a degree in Economics with a concentration in Finance from Emory University. He has spent a number of years working in the nonprofit sector for leading organizations. As a Senior Executive and Director of Marketing, Taos exercised fiscal responsibility for large cap budgets while assisting top level decisions. He is an active member of the church and civic outreach. Having founded a nonprofit organization in Georgia (Perfect Love Foundation),  Taos has committed countless hours to serving communities domestically and abroad. He has received various honors including the Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and was also recognized as the 2017 Millennial of the Year. His mission is to continue life as a servant leader bettering communities, protecting human rights, and being a voice for the people.