Taos Wynn

About Taos Wynn

Early Life

Wynn was born in 1985 in Statesboro, Georgia, the son of Raymond Wynn, an Army Veteran, and Elaine Wynn, an Educator. Raised in a military family, Wynn spent his early childhood years traveling - Fort Sherman, Panama (Central America) 1985-1987, Fort Bragg, North Carolina (1987-1993), Fort Riley, Kansas (1993-1996), and Fort Campbell, Kentucky (1996-1998). Wynn then moved to Smyrna, Georgia in 1998 where he would later attend Campbell High School for two years in the International Baccalaureate program, and then transition to Pace Academy where he finished high school (2004). Afterwards, Taos moved to Atlanta and would go on to earn a degree in Economics with a concentration in Finance from Emory University (2009). After taking one year off from school to pursue aspirations in the music industry, he then spent a number of years working in the nonprofit sector for leading organizations. As a Senior Executive and Director of Marketing, Taos exercised fiscal responsibility for large cap budgets while assisting top level decisions. Having founded a nonprofit organization in Georgia (Perfect Love Foundation), Taos has committed countless hours serving as an agent of change while empowering others to succeed.

Writing Career and Political Advocacy

The Battle of Business - Conquering Workplace Adversity was written by Wynn in 2017.

In May 2015, Wynn organized efforts in the city of Atlanta, promoting unity and the relabeling of Atlanta once again as a "City Still too Busy to Hate," playing off of the original efforts of former city Mayor Maynard Jackson and Ivan Allen in the 1960's. Wynn also began working as a Legislative Aid to Georgia's longstanding Senator Donzella James, providing assistance in areas of Economic Development, Homelessness, Sex Trafficking and more.

In 2017, Wynn offered himself to serve as political candidate in a special election to replace former District 6 Incumbent Hunter Hill, who resigned to run for the office of Governor. Carrying a message of "Building Georgia Together," Wynn embraces the notion of "ensuring that Georgia's future includes everyone."



Awards and Recognition

In 2016, Wynn received the Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service.

Wynn was also named the 2017 Millennial of the Year and received the highest honor given by the state of Georgia, being the recipient of the Georgia Outstanding Citizen Award.

His mission is to continue life as a servant leader bettering communities, protecting human rights, and being a voice for the people.



Personal Life

Wynn has one brother with whom he was raised, Terrance Wynn. They enjoyed a lifestyle of exposure to sports, music and the arts, despite frequent relocations due their father's military career.

In a 2017 interview, Wynn highlighted his sentiments on being a father stating, "No accolade or title could ever compare to the one she has blessed me with. The title of 'Dad' is the greatest honor I've ever received." Wynn is the father of Myla Wynn.

He is also an active supporter of Atlanta's professional sports. Wynn enjoys attending sporting events regularly as well as maintaining an active lifestyle of exercise and recreational basketball.